Mission & Vision


Discover, transform, connect. We believe the act of discovery can be transformative and to this end we seek to build bridges and make connections between dance, science, the arts and communities. We intentionally seek partnerships with artists, cultural organizations, scientists, educational and science institutions to find innovative ways to probe the science/human connection through dance in collaboration with other art forms.

We want to hear different voices, see different cultural expressions of dance, listen to music from around the world and work with dancers from diverse backgrounds to give depth to and enrich our art and our community.  We celebrate the differences as well as the commonality of artists, audiences and associates as a means to fulfill our mission to transform through discovery.  To this end, we actively pursue collaborations with organizations, dance companies and artists who represent the rich fabric of diversity that reflects the Los Angeles area in which DS&D is based. 

Artistic Vision

I am passionate about discovery and interested in the “big questions” that deal with the human experience. I use science as a framework to give shape and structure to many of my artistic explorations and interpretations, drawing parallels and metaphors between science and human behavior. I am interested in exploring what scientific discovery means to the human endeavor on an affective level. I use the abstract medium of dance as my tool, with the belief that dance has a language that can communicate emotions and psychological phenomenon and provide a visceral experience. I work diligently to acquire an understanding of the scientific concepts that serve as inspiration for my work, not for the purpose of explaining them as in a science lesson, but rather to convey through dance how the process of discovery transforms those who witness it. I seek to enter into meaningful conversations with scientists, not as a scholar but as an individual with a keen interest in how the world works, and to form a bridge between science and society through my artistic interpretations. I am particularly drawn to collaborations with artists in other artistic disciplines to expand the scope and depth of my artistic endeavors.