Conceived by Donna Sternberg, Awe and Wonder is a performance connecting scientists with choreographers. Four choreographers create new dances inspired by their conversations with four scientists. One scientist is paired with one choreographer, dialoging about the scientist’s field of study, which then becomes the starting point for the choreographer. The resulting dance is informed by science in some way rather than a literal demonstration of the science.



Choreographer:  Donna Sternberg 

Scientist: Devavani Chatterjea (immunology)   

Choreographer:  Ricky Palomino

Scientist:  Louisa Bradtmiller (climate science)

Choreographer:  John Pennington

Scientist:  Michelle Povinelli (nanophotonics)

Choreographers:  Gema Sandoval, Christie Rios Scientist:  Paul Nuremberg (computational physics)