Awe and Wonder (2017)


Choreographer:  Donna Sternberg      Scientist: Devavani Chatterjea (immunology)
Choreographer:  Ricky Palomino      Scientist:  Louisa Bradtmiller (climate science)
Choreographer:  John Pennington      Scientist:  Michelle Povinelli (nanophotonics)
Choreographers:  Gema Sandoval, Christie Rios      Scientist:  Paul Nuremberg (computational physics)

Conceived by Donna Sternberg, Awe and Wonder is a performance connecting scientists with choreographers. Four choreographers create new dances inspired by their conversations with four scientists. One scientist is paired with one choreographer, dialoging about the scientist’s field of study, which then becomes the starting point for the choreographer. The resulting dance is informed by science in some way rather than a literal demonstration of the science. .

Transit Dances (2017)

Dance Companies: Donna Sternberg and Dancers, JazzAntiqua and Arpana Dance Company

Three diverse dance companies performed along three Metro stops in Santa Monica. Audiences traveled from the 26th St./Bergamot station to the 17th St. station and conclude at the 4th St. station. At each stop, tour guides took audience members to a site where a world-premiere site-specific dance was performed, then audiences got back on the Metro to the next performance stop. Based on the successful Trolley Dances in San Diego founded by Jean Isaacs, Transit Dances bring the arts into the community, inviting people to use public transit to see Santa Monica in a fresh, new way through the lens of dance, exploring hidden nooks and crannies as well as more popular landmarks.

Outside the Vortex (2016)

Composer: Soundscape by Jim Crutchfield, composition by Riley Smith, Hauschka and Ari Frankel
Visual Art: Meredith Tromble
Collaborator: Dawn Sumner
  5 dancers
Length of work: 70 minutes

Outside the Vortex is an exploration in “mixed reality”, using dance, interactive projections, new media visual art, and sound to examine creativity, gender and diversity in science. Based on true stories from researchers who challenge scientific “norms” in some way (age, background, gender, ethnicity), the work uses iconic moments from their stories to inform both the choreography and the setting, a vortex of projected images with a composed soundscape by physicist Jim Crutchfield and composers Riley Smith and Ari Frankel. This is a multi-year project.

Bodies of Water (2016)

Composer: Rima Snyder
Visual Art:  Moses Hacmon
Performers:  5 dancers
Length of work: 20 minutes
Photos:  Paul Antico 

A site-specific performance that weaves together dance, music, spoken word and an art installation to examine the timely issue of water, including the political, historical and aesthetic aspects of water.  Performed at Helm’s Bakery.

Breathing with Chill (2016)

Composer: Osvaldo Golijov
Musician: Maya Beiser
Installation:  “Chill” by LeeMundwiler Architects
Performers:  1 dancer
Length of Work: 7.5 minutes

A collaboration with LeeMundwiler architects at the 2016 Venice Biennale.

49 Days: Women Who Count (2016)

Composer: Riley Smith
Performers: 46 artists
Length of work: 25 minutes
Photographer: Mara Zaslove

Collaboration with visual artist Doni Silver Simons.  A multitude of female performers with a 49 channel sound installation create a ritual of marking time. 

What’s Next? (2015)

Composers:  O Riain, Bach, Collins, Sweetback, Novalima, Mathlouthl
Performers: 5 dancers
Length of work: 1 hour
Photographer: Mara Zaslove

Collaboration with poet Suzanne Lummis and composer Colm Ó Riain exploring the terrain of place and displacement, broken rules and love. 

Architecture of Space (2015)

Music: Venice Symphony Orchestra
Performers: 5
Length of work: 45 minutes
Photographer: Denise Leitner

A site-specific work in Tongva Park, Santa Monica, CA exploring the physical, emotional and aesthetic effects of architecture.

Fly By (2014)

Composer:  David Raiklen
Performers: 4 dancers
Length of work: 15 minutes

Performance for dancers, telematics avatar performers, video installation, musicians and drone camera pilot

One Song, Many Dances (2014)

Composer: Yuval Ron
Performers: Arpana Dance Company,Donna Sternberg and Dancers,Mandala Dance Works, Wilfried Souly, Esplendor
Length of work: 11 minutes for each interpretation

 One musical composition interpreted by five culturally diverse dance companies