Why a winetasting?
Post date: Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 at 10:30 am Category: Blog

I am a wine freak, let’s just establish that at the beginning.  I’ve been smitten with the grape for a long, long time.  When I was attending dance workshops in San Francisco, a long time ago, I lived with my uber friend and her husband (they let me stay for a month!) and on the weekends we would high tail it to Napa to taste or go to a fabulous wine warehouse where we bought wine and had our own tastings, with paper bags over the wine so we wouldn’t be influenced.   Luckily my husband became a wine lover too, due to my influence of course, and we’ve wine-tasted in just about every wine region in California as well as parts of Oregon and Washington.

It seemed a natural when thinking about fun fundraising events to marry my love of wine and food with dance.  That is how our winetasting benefit was born.  I love sharing wines that are unusual: from different countries, different grape varietals, different types of mixes.  There’s only so much wine you can experience in a life time, so why not branch out of the usual ones and find ones that are lesser known but still excellent.  Just like in dance, I like to explore things that are out of the ordinary, and to share them with people.

You can’t have wine though without food and finding food that complements the wine is also something I like to find.  Through the years we’ve had some wonderful cooks that have helped prepare the food, for the past several years Susan Kawashima has lent her culinary skills.  We comb recipe books and magazines looking for food to elevate the wine, that is appealing and that lots of people can eat.  So we include mostly vegetarian, and now vegan too, food along with some meats.  We’re lucky that we have access to the farmer’s market and all of it’s amazing produce.  The Friday before the winetasting you will find Susan and I, along with some volunteers, in my kitchen chopping, roasting, baking and mixing food.  On the day of the winetasting, we gather early with more volunteers and finish everything up so that we’re ready to go when the event begins.

The main reason of course for winetasting benefit is to raise funds for the company’s projects including our community performances such as our free upcoming site-specific one at the Stoneview Nature Center, to pay our hardworking, dedicated dancers and keep the company running with expenses like rehearsal space rental.  It’s a fun and delicious day that benefits the company, what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

We’d love to have you join us, sip some wine, eat some food, listen to some fabulous jazz with live vocalist Lorraina Marro and see DS&D perform!  Get your tickets now @ http://dsdancers.com/event.