Outside the Vortex (2016)
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BeginInfo Composer: Soundscape by Jim Crutchfield, composition by Riley Smith, Hauschka and Ari Frankel
Visual Art: Meredith Tromble
Collaborator: Dawn Sumner
  5 dancers
Length of work: 70 minutes

Outside the Vortex Outside the Vortex (1) Outside the Vortex (2)


BeginInfoOutside the Vortex is an exploration in “mixed reality”, using dance, interactive projections, new media visual art, and sound to examine creativity, gender and diversity in science. Based on true stories from researchers who challenge scientific “norms” in some way (age, background, gender, ethnicity), the work uses iconic moments from their stories to inform both the choreography and the setting, a vortex of projected images with a composed soundscape by physicist Jim Crutchfield and composers Riley Smith and Ari Frankel. This is a multi-year project.EndInfo