Reviews – Jessica Abrams2
Post date: Sunday, October 16th, 2016 at 5:06 pm Category: Reviews

“Donna Sternberg is a dancer’s choreographer. She revels in movement – in exploring all facets of how the human body moves through the various planes, in how it goes from a balletic back attitude to a breakdance move with major attitude. She plays with pacing, in having her dancers swirl onto the floor and then stand with a stillness that holds the audience in a collective gasp. Like choreographer Donald Byrd, who worked with Twyla Tharp among others and in whose company Sternberg danced, her movement is a study of all movement that came before it bundled into an un-self-conscious style that is uniquely her own. Also like Byrd, she’s not content just to study and explore movement. In her dances, Sternberg also explores deeper meanings – big life questions that dance (pun intended) the fine line between the earthly and the divine.”