Reviews – Jessica Abrams
Post date: Sunday, October 16th, 2016 at 3:21 am Category: Reviews

“Sternberg’s five dancers are incredible technicians – bullishly strong with sharp, clean lines; but it was their dramatic presence – all five separately and as a cohesive unit – that made them the stellar performers I saw before me. The evening ended with “The Back of Beauty”, a tour de force featuring all four female dancers, four chairs and colored skirts. The dancers were topless; but with their backs to us as they tangoed with their chairs, it became clear that the most intimate body part was the one undulating and writhing before us (Amanda Adams’ tattoos – not to mention back – didn’t hurt). To Lisbeth Scott and Greg Ellis’ pulsating beat, the dancers acted as temptresses, waving this languid body part in front of us like flags and we bulls in a corrida. The piece provided the perfect climax to this electrifying evening, solidifying Donna Sternberg’s talent as a maker of dances as technically stunning as they are dramatically resonant.”